About The Company

Based in South Dublin we offer homeowners, businesses and local authorities across Dublin the very best in comprehensive scaffolding services.

We’re a privately owned company with over 30 years experience providing scaffolding across south Dublin and Dublin; we’re one of the city’s leading scaffolding specialists.

Providing an all round service that delivers planning, design, erection, site attendance and dismantling we work out of three strategically placed depots throughout Dublin so that you can be sure of quick supply and lightning fast call-out response in the event of an emergency.

Our team carry out all types of scaffolding erections and work on a regular basis with many local authorities including the public.

We have a large and directly employed team who are all highly trained and qualified and extends to specialists like our own surveyor and RCO officer. Highly skilled and highly experienced our team also have an impeccable safety record we’re very proud of.

Repeat business is the lifeblood of our business and we work hard to achieve high rates of customer satisfaction; from the comprehensive and high quality services through to the pro-active support and cost effective pricing contact us at South Dublin Scaffolding today for you're scaffolding requirements.